Friday, November 27, 2009

Wild Horses: The Fight for Their Freedom

This weekend wild horse supporters have something to be thankful for.
On 11/23 In Defense of Animals and Craig Downer brought a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management to stop the Calico Complex Roundup in Nevada, scheduled to start 12/1. The Department of Justice delayed the start of the roundup until December 28, granting time for the lawsuit to have an effect, unlike the too short 2 day hold on the Pryor Mountain Roundup earlier this fall. Read here for more on this:

Also, now more than 155 organizations, scientists and celebrities have signed the new Unified Letter calling for a moratorium on all wild horses roundups. You can go the the Cloud Foundation page and send a letter to your representatives and to President Obama.

Here is a petition you can sign online to support the moratoriums on roundups:

All of this seems to be coming to a peak of activity here as we enter the last few weeks of the year. With the BLM rounding up 12,000 horses this year, already having taken 1000 wild horses from Wyoming last month, continuing the pressure on our representatives is vital. The BLM is like a juggernaut and at this point, legal action and legislation seems the only way to stop their destructive trend. With Secretary of the Interior issuing new plans for sterilized "salazoos" and removing more and more horses, the demise of the free roaming wild herds that represent all that is best in our Western Heritage may soon be a thing of the past if we do not continue to act.

This Thanksgiving weekend, I am so grateful for all of the wild horses advocates who are fighting daily on the front lines to save our wild horses. I am also grateful to all of you who love the wild horses and take precious time from your busy days to keep writing, emailing and calling.

Thank you very much and remember your efforts DO make a big difference.

Carol Walker

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  1. Hi Carol ~ Great post and fantastic pictures, as usual. Yes, we DID get a TRO for Calico, but I'll never understand why the judge didn't do the same for the Pryor roundup. I don't think he's made a final decision YET. So, what if he decides the roundup wasn't legal? The mares are already sterilized and other horses have new owners. Talk about too little too late!

  2. Terrific expression of thankfulness - with lovely photos!

    Linda Ann Nickerson
    National Equestrian Examiner